Baker’s mother was ill. Nanire Khachikovna had given birth to her son 40 years ago-exact period of the world-in the period of wish, desire, toil and success .Much water had flowed, winds had blow, the system had changed, the human qualities has taken a quite another shape since that time.”Daghustu Park” wasn’t there which Nanire Khachikovna walked with her husband Mr.Ibnali, and Sergey Mironovich’s statue wasn’t there either, which they liked to take photo near this statue…

Everything was changed: now there-in the most notable place of the city had been built”Martyrs Avenue”, the beautiful monument had been built to the memory of the martyrs. It is full by people there now; but this visit is attains a quite another meaning.
…His mother stopped crying for a moment. She had been Najiya Khaliggizy since 1988. She was armenian woman, and Baker didn’t know what about his mother remembered. He was in confusion too. If he can do it, he would say his mother that: Don’t you say that, my son is the master of important post (duty)? Don’t you think that, our new neighbors know you as Moslem? Don’t you know how many people will come to your burial (funeral ceremony)? How many eye will look at your grave? And what about your grandchildren, you brought up them by( or of) years swearing at their tongue didn’t go out from home till the evening?...
If his mother Najiya Khaliggizy-Nanire Khachikovna rides from death-bed and read her son’s thought she would say: “My son, what do you say? Give me my glasses I’ll look what writes this newspapers; how many days has stayed to new century? What century, new 3rd millennium has come already. Do such things still busy people? Do still like that ours?”-My God, the end of the world will come then. Mightn’t Baker Ibnali ogly swear at, mightn’t he get angry?
He would become a little soft (gentle) to ill then:
- My mother, it is your nation paying no attention to justice. Only one armenian hadn’t
been found crying for babies whose have been filled to the pipe and welding from the both sides, for sinless killed in Khojaly, thousands (of) wanderer, broken fates, dying loves and broken pride.
If he can do it, he would say to his mother: “My unlucky mother, hi woman giving birth to me, putting head on pillow with my father! What can I do? What people will say for me? You say: “My boy, bury me by our tradition, dig me Christian grave.
… My unhappy mother, in a few year your nation didn’t grow person saying true(justice).It was as it (like this) yesterday too. And it will be like that tomorrow too, in 3rd century too”.
Baker’s wife-Russian woman Lena Vorobyova saw his Moslem husband sleeping by his mother when she passed across her mother’s in low room. He slept saying “It will be, it will’s be”.
Nanire Khachikovna - Najiye Khaliggizy was moaning again. Russian woman came back (traveled) to her armenian mother’s in low yesterday which she had heard many thinks about this: “In the beginning of 20th century period of formation oil-industry in Baku, visiting here Khachik Danelyan and his wife had been burying in Baku, near the Ahmedly settlement. Married couple Danelyan’weren’t gravestone (tombstone).Instead of this had been put ” croos ” which has cut from iron pipe and welded about 1,5 metre. The article on the iron board makes to think international family’s bride. I don’t know why but on the board was written Khachik Danelyan lived in Baku since old times and there was written that he was born in Baku too. I don’t know why but it was like that. Lena Vorobyova was thinking about something looking her husband and mother in low: who knows, where and how will bury Nanire Khalikovna? Near Danelyan’s as Chiristian or near Mr.Ibnali as Moslem Najiye Khaliggizy?
The bell of the door was rung from outside this time. Baker woke up from sleeping unfinished and went outside with Russian girl. It was doctor Michael who came in- neighbour “Doctor Mikhael” who brings to life dead men, inspirited inanimate, without giving (doing) an injection, without chemical medicines”. But they didn’t let him to look at patient. Wretched woman raved in her mother tongue, evidently that’s why evidently. “Who knows which language I’ll use in my last day?” thought Baker whose mother was armenian, father Turkish, father’s grandmother tatar who lived in West Azerbaijan… He thought that too, “And which language will use my children from Russian girl in last day?” …Russian girl brought tea Baker who massaged head with his hands. But this tea wasn’t inevitable. Little girl went out and began crying “Granny died, granny died”….
Burial day Baker held himself calmly. He gave instructions, bought necessary things. They buried her near Ibnali. Nanire Khachikovna- Najiye khaliggizy was buried decently, by Moslem traditions. She buried face to Qibla and “Yasin” was read. Baker came back home by hearing words.
Guests had gone in the evening. Since many days watched ill mother tired, sleepless Baker laid face downward with his clothes. Russian girl who knows him well (known him) didn’t woke (up) him: “what to do, his mother died”.
Baker dreamed troubled sleep. Waked up and took lamp, spade, picker and ran to grave-yard: dogs was barking in the way, frogs was croaking in lakelets, but he was going without paying attention anything. He came and placed lantern on his father’s grave and began working. He quickly opened grave. He turned hi mother-Nanire
Khachikovna saying “Bismillah ( in the name of God) ”. “And this is your own Qibla” said and began working again. He closed the grave saying “Maybe I’ll sleep calmly and live as a man other (remainder) part of my life”. And came back home quickly. Laid to bed as night.
The alarm clock which wakes him at 8 o’clock every morning didn’t help him, he was slept so hard. Finally he waked up by hearing “Baker, stand up, you are not 1st man who died mother” .
There was fire in the yard, everything was ready. Neighbours ready themselves for “3”. Tomorrow will come many people to Najiye Khaliggizy’s funeral repast.

14.02.1999. Baku

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