The Rector of Giresun University has made the statement (announcement) below regarding the latest events in China and Iraq.

 Respectfully submitted to the public opinion.

 “Since the last week, Giresun University has been following the human rights violations that the Uighur Turks, living in Uigur autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, the land of historical Eastern Turkistan, are being exposed and, since the last month, the inhuman and extra-legal attacks aimed at Iraqi Turks in Iraq (especially on the northern Iraq), at the settlements of Iraqi Turks (The Turkmen) or where they are densely populated (Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, Telafer, Tazehurmatu.) with deep concern and regret.

It is thought provoking that the basic human rights regulated with United Nations Treaty and other international documents are violated and ignored by the People’s Republic of China, the permanent member of United Nations Security Council. At the first quarter of the 21st century on which the titles of democracy, human rights and freedom left thier marks, this action that the Uighur Turks are being exposed and in which 156 Uighur Turks died, according to the official statements, could not be accepted, tolerated and ignored. It should be remembered that today, the level of civilization’s legacy that the nations own is determined (measured) by the nations’ attitudes towards social peace, tolerance, justice and their respect to human rights.

Similarly, it is also thought provoking that, over the last month, the events in Iraq in which approximately 480 people, mostly Iraqi Turks, lost their lives and about 1200 people were injured, are not brought into the agenda of the countries which are the defenders of the such universal values as democracy, human rights and the superiority of law, and civil society organizations which know no limits.

As Giresun University, we believe that Turkey should embrace the foreign Turks and the people who have turned their faces to Turkey and we also believe that Turkey will benefit a lot out of this issue and it should be seen as a necessity of Turkey’s foreign policy.

Giresun University condemns the human tragedy in Eastern Turkistan and Iraq and condoles with Uighur Turks, Iraqi Turks and the whole Turkic World.”

Prof. Dr. Osman Metin ÖZTÜRK
Rector of Giresun University

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